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Our complete tasting menu.


Crostini with Chianti butter
Beef tartare, spring onions, “steak mayonnaise” marinated cabbage
Beef morsels with rosemary
Beef carpaccio with green sauce foam and caramel walnuts
Beef, tuna mayonnaise with roast beef sauce
Pickled vegetables
Traditional dish of the day


Cannelloni stuffed with stewed beef and black cabbage

Main Course

Beef Bavette with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt
Beef  brisket stuffed with sausage and onions
Beef cooked at low temperature then grilled, served with pepper sauce
Meatballs cooked in milk


Creamy Mascarpone, punch sauce and almond crumble


Red Wine “Il Macello”
Sangiovese 60% Cabernet 40%


€ 50.00

Each dinner at the table will enjoy the same menu

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